Friday, July 2, 2010

A Little Look at Bairns-Wear Ltd.

Bairns-wear Limited of
Haydn Road,
Nottinghamshire, UK has very
little history as far as I can find.
From the internet -
there is mention of a factory opening
in 1953 but that is in Raymoth Lane and
making hosiery and children's wear.
And another mention of Bairns-wear
(plus others)
being taken over by Courtaulds in 1963
and was producing synthetic yarns.
In the 1980's it became Meridian
Knitwear which closed in 2000.
So going by that little information,
we have about 10 years - '53 to '63
of Bairns-wear! I am a little surprised
here, in that I would have thought
the company would at least
date from the 1920's but until
any other information comes to
light, this is all we have.
I had also looked it up in
"The History of Handknitting"
by Richard Rutt but found no
mention at all of Bairns-wear.

I have managed to find some
old advertisements and I have
some patterns.
But, the main reason for trying
to find information is that I
have recently acquired the sweetest
little wool holder to add to my collection
of wool holders!

This little house wool holder
is made of cardboard. This picture shows
one end and below is the other
end of the house with the hole
for the yarn to feed through whilst
you are knitting.

I have not seen anything like this
before and would you believe that
I have not just one, but three
of these houses. They were
purchased in one lot.
They are also in varying degrees
of condition, hence I would say
they would have to be a rare find.

I just love the graphics on these houses along
with the very mischeivous gnomes pictured
on them.

Above are some vintage
Bairns-wear dolls' clothes patterns.

Above are two vintage ads for
Bairns-wear, one for rug wool and
the other for knitting wool.