Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vintage Knitting Pattern from 1930's

Useful Gifts
in Knitting and Crochet
(All worked in the Famous
"Ladyship" Wools)

Here is the tea cosy and egg cosy
for you to try!
(For the doll, try your craft store or
perhaps the toy store).

(Click on pattern to enlarge)


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Has anyone seen Knitty before?
It is a knitting and crocheting cotton
in 3/4 oz balls.

Astor brand - would you say it is Australian?
Well, there is a small cute Koala in its illustration
appropriately wrapped around the trunk of the "T".

I cannot say for certain at this stage (I would
have to find the proof) but I think there may also
be an Astor brand darning card lurking somewhere
in a box in my household (we have just moved house
and I will need more time to uncover the
particular darning card that I think I
might have - you will have to stay
tuned for further developments!)