Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzzy!

Who remembers Fuzzy Wuzzy Wool
made by Patons from the early years
of 1900's up 'til around 1960's?
Fuzzy Wuzzy is Angora wool.
On a recent trip to Tasmania, I found a
vintage Patons Angora
Fuzzy Wuzzy wool box (unfortunately empty)
and had to add this wonderful box to my
knitting collection.

I remember this wool was so fluffy and soft. A popular
wool for making the cute bolero style jacket for young
girls. Below is a vintage Greenock doll clothes pattern where
the Angora wool is used in the bonnet and the trim on the

I also remember my Mum getting a similar effect
with a "teazle brush" - a small wire brush to fluff up
ordinary wool. She would knit a small flat rabbit or
cat shape, sew this onto a corner of a plain bunny rug,
and then proceed to fluff up the animal shape gently using
the teazle brush, then Mum would add the little details - facial
features or a little pom pon tail if the "animal" had its back
to us, and then a little bow. It was sooo cute!