Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vintage Knits and Bits!

Vintage Knitting Accessories.

Three packets of four double pointers - Jumpre,
Superfine and Stratnoid.
Three packets of Abel Morrall's Twin-Pin circular
Tortoiseshell circular needle and wool winder.
Beehive Knitting Pin Gauges Box.
Wooden wool winder and knitting pin holder.
E-Z-Knit (instead of winding the wool on your right
hand finger as if to knit continental style, simply
take the wool through this novel holder - states - "No
Experience necessary for perfect, even stitches
automatically kept at constant tension").

Inside the Beehive Knitting Pin Gauges box containing
three gauges.

Above Bucilla Daisy Knitter, instructions and box.

Above - a small selection of Daisy Winders/Knitters/Looms.

Above - the back of the Marcia Lyn Daisy Loom