Friday, July 3, 2009

Spear's Games Wool Winding Set

I recently found this sweet
little craft box called -
Wool Winding for Wee Folks -
made by Spear's Games ..... England.
The idea behind the craft of
Wool Winding is extremely simple -
dressing the cute dolls by winding
wool around them!

Well, it didn't take the world by
storm - even back in the days
around the 1930's - 40's, but
it is still quite novel in itself with
great graphics on the lid and
inside, the "dolls" are a treat.

You might even dress up your
own knitting basket with these
little dolls and use up those odd
scraps of wool. If you felt so
inclined, you can make your own.
Cutouts from children's books or
magazines could be a good source
of characters.

The ideas suggested on the box top
are invitation cards, greeting cards,
bookmarks and decorations.

Above - inside the lid.

Below is the small assortment of
little dolls that are the remains
of what were a great
many more dolls.
This particular set has
had a lot of use.