Thursday, May 6, 2010

Counting Sheep!

Sheep Knitting Accessories

Because of the rise in the 
popularity of
knitting, as well as companies
producing novel accessories,
we also have modern
artists creating wonderful
knitting accessories for us
to enjoy while we are knitting.
A look on the internet will
provide us with a fantastic
look at what is on offer.

 I have added a few
more gauges to my collection
of knitting gauges
as you will see below ...

Brass sheep gauge at top from Goose Pond 
and the knitting magazine Simply
Knitting's giveaway.

A wonderful bamboo Knitter's Rule
from Karatstix above.

Below, we have a sheepie
"wpi" (wraps per inch) by
Girl on the Rocks.

.... And when you have 
finished counting all the
sheep! ...... there is even
something for the night owls.

Whoooooooo goes there!