Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crafty Yarn!

Knitty Styles and Gadgets

It is interesting to see
just how many different
forms of "yarn craft" are found
aside from the standard knitting with
needles, and crochet.
I have put together a list of some
of the other styles of knitting
found -

Knitting/Weaving loom
- children's sets and for
adults, made in various shapes and
sizes by various
makers - also can be given a
novel name. One example is "Weave-it".

Daisy Wheel, Daisy-Loom,
made of metal,
produces a daisy flower, many
of these sewn together will make
afghans, blankets, scarves.
- made by various makers.
Example : Bucilla, Marcia Lynn.......

Boutique Knitter,
produces a cord just like
the spool knitter and is
used for making jewellery.
Made by Hazel's 1972

Spool Knitter,
produces a cord and
originally made using
a cotton spool with
four nails hammered into
the top. Today there
are many brand names -
included in toy sets for
children and craft sets
for both children and adults.
Refer - http://spoolknitter.blogspot.com

Knitting Nancy,
actual name for
a spool knitter made by
Spear's Games and now
also a general term for
spool knitters.
Refer - http://spoolknitter.blogspot.com

Flower Loom,
made of plastic, produces
flowers to be sewn together.
Various makers - Ronco,
Bucilla, etc.

Kwiknit (product name)
is made by Spear's Games -
produces a flat knitted fabric.
Looks much like a knitting board.

Knitting Board
produces a flat knitted fabric.
Various makers.

Pom Pon Maker
for making pom pons -
various makers.

Doodle Loom (product name)
for making pom pons -
made by Bucilla.

Winne (product name)
frame for beginning
crochet - produces a crocheted
cloth - made by
Spear's Games.

Also other types of yarn
craft can include -
afghan hook
rake knitting
Knit Wit
K Tel knitter
Looping tools - Grant's
K Tel Fringe maker
Knitty Knottie (fringe maker)
Spinster Rope Cord Maker
Knifty Knitter
Apple Pie Knitter

So you see that even if you don't knit or
crochet, there are still a lot of ways you can use


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