Friday, December 3, 2010

Viyella Wool Box

Viyella Wool Box

I have now discovered that there are more
of these wonderful little Wool boxes to be found
and following on (many months later!) from the
previous post, here is a delightful wool box
from Viyella.

The graphics on this box also matches
the graphics on the Viyella knitting gauges which
are of a barrel shape.

Above and below are other views
of the box.

And the next picture shows the end of the box
where the yarn would feed through for knitting.

Now when looking up the history of Viyella,
I found some information on Wikipedia of 
which the link is HERE.

What I also discovered was that there is another
interesting knitting information
page via Wikipedia on knitting
row counters - click  HERE.

(not my image)


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